My name is Lucas Steedman

About me

I am a Technical Consultant at BETC FULLSIX, currently spearheading digital projects . My role involves executing end-to-end digital initiatives, from understanding team requirements through to project launch, encompassing design and development. Drawing upon my extensive experience in managing small, multi-skilled teams and implementing global strategies, I thrive in a dynamic and hybrid work environment.


On a personal level, I’m a huge football (soccer) and hip hop nerd. I live in Paris where I love to ride my bike around and discuss politics or the latest movies with a cold beer.

Work experience

Technical consultant

BETC Fullsix

August 2023 - Current



2021 - July 2023

Managing a small multi skilled team, my role is to implement Qorus’ global strategy and accompagny it’s digital transformation. I then execute all the digital projects, from gathering the team’s needs through to launch, including design and development.

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2019 - 2021

As a Digital Project Manager in a small team, I handle all aspects of IT projects, starting from understanding the client’s requirements, to designing, developing, testing, and delivering the final result. The advantage of working in a small team is that I am deeply involved in every step of the process. Depending on the scale of the projects, I can actively participate in both the design and development phases, in addition to managing the project itself.


City of Paris – Social housing department

September 2017 - November 2018

As an Assistant to a Senior Project Manager, I supported the management of web and app projects. Within our department, we oversaw the consolidation of two websites into one, known as Loc’annonces, and the development of a comprehensive in-house app for managing applicants and housing availabilities. My responsibilities encompassed various tasks such as gathering user requirements, producing technical specifications, coordinating web design and development efforts, conducting testing, facilitating project launches, and organizing internal team training.


Masters degree – computer science and digital project management​

Université Paris Cité

2016 - 2018

A masters degree combining technical skills with a more global approach to understanding digital challenges within companies. Second year completed with an apprenticeship.


Technologies : HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, C, C#, Unix, SQL

Undergrad degree – social and economic sciences

Université Paris Cité

2012 - 2015

I pursued a degree in economics with a specific focus on comprehending global economic issues, placing significant emphasis on historical and behavioral factors. Throughout my studies, I delved into the intricate connections between economies worldwide, examining their past dynamics and considering the influences of human behavior on economic outcomes.


Undergrad in english studies

Université Paris Cité

2012 - 2015

During my undergraduate studies, I immersed myself in a comprehensive English-language curriculum that encompassed various aspects of the Anglo-Saxon world, including language, culture, and history. The program provided a thorough understanding of the English language and explored the rich cultural and historical heritage associated with English-speaking countries.

My projects