Hi, i am Lucas steedman

I can help you build your website

I take care of all the complicated process of building your website, from understanding what you need to giving you the keys to an easy to manage modern website for years to come !

What I do

Creating your website can be a complicated and confusing process.

Whether you need an updated site or this is a first, I can help you through the whole or parts of the procedure.

See my work

The best way to see what I can bring to you is by checking out some of my previous work!

i can take care of

Depending on your situation, you might need assistance on all or parts of these steps on the road to creating your website


Whether this will be your first website or an update, I can offer multiple templates and design propositions including fonts and color palets to make sure you find what you need.


Once we agree on design aspects, I get down to the nitty gritty work of building your full website !


I can take care of all procedures around buying your domain name and having your website hosted. If you already have a website, I can take care of uploading the new final version directly on your servers.

helping you take control

Last but not least, you might need some guidance to manage your website once it is finished. I make sure to help you take over the site and help you understand how to modify or add nex content, so your website stays lively for years to come !

about me

A tech-obssessed millenial, but also a huge football (soccer) and hip hop nerd. I live in Paris where I love to ride my bike around and discuss politics or the latest movies with a cold beer.